The Return is an experimental music album that illustrates the journey of a soul returning to the land of spirits.
Written by Clément Beauvais and co-composed with Alexandre Bazin, the album is conceived as an immersive musical experience in which music, sound desgin and words intertwine to create a layered narration.

I remember the man who told me
In this life
I will die twice.
I remember his face, his friendly smile.

I remember the words he
– Beneath the black ocean, beyond the silver sky
All things return to one.

I remember the man who said,
Now it is time for you to leave this life behind.

Beneath the black ocean, beyond the silver sky
All things return to one.

All things return to one.

I remember the prairies, the gardens,
And the long and cold winter nights.

I remember, the gun, the blood, the mud,
And the everlasting hours under the burning sun.

I remember the owl that call upon the night
And the young boy I was once

I remember the scent of paper flowers
And the smell of a girl I loved once.

I remember the uncanny smile of men
And the shape of their eyes
When they weep,
When they are sad
When they are mad.

I remember my friend, the man who told me
This soul I bear,
Was never truly mine.

I see the endless night.
Beneath the still water,
The fish dive upside down.

Clouds have spread apart.
Silver and Silent,
The sky shines a new light

No more rain.
No more pain.
I can hear a raven passing by. Is this a sign?

Ahead I see the endless night.
Ahead I see the other side.

In a dream I had seen it all.
The shore, the trail, the gate.
The mountain rising over a golden temple.
I saw the crescent moon
And the big black cloud where thunder sleeps.

I saw the silver throne they built on a bed of painted stones.
And heard the chimes of their inverted stars.

I saw their faces
Their diamond eyes
I had dreamt about them all.
Proud and tall,
Old as the universe
And yet forever young.

In a dream I had seen it all.

They rang the bells and gathered
Where they had lit up a fire of thousand flames
And burnt flowers of thousand scents.
They gave me names,
They laughed and cried,
They screamed and danced,
They sang I had returned home.

They carried me down the river
They washed my body and cleaned my feet,
Embroidered my skin with small beads of eternity,
And drown my head in the deep of the stream.
They made me drink from the well.
Again and again.
And cut my chest open
To let the nigh sky rush in.

They showed me a place so bright
I could not see.
And they hanged me on a tree so high
I could not reach.
There I watched the Sun pour inside the Moon And the moon inside the sun.

They closed their eyes and opened mine.
They laugh and cried.
They sang I returned home.
They sang I will be feared and I will be loved.
They put a crown on my head.
They sang I will now be forever.

Alexandre Bazin has been shaping electronic music with an experimental approach since the early 2010s. He was involved in the experimental scene on the outskirts of GRM.

His music is released by Important Records (USA), Umor Rex Records (Mexico), Polytechnic Youth (UK).

He has performed at Moogfest Festival in the USA in 2018. One of his live performances was recently broadcast on the French TV channel CultureBox in 2021. He plays live at the Gaîté Lyrique in 2022.
Clement Beauvais is a writer / director and a music composer.
He has written and directed many branded contents for luxury brands, Tales of The Wild and Legend of The Magic Hour starring Johnny Depp.
He has also directed two features length documentaries The Greasy Hands Preachers and Nose which were presented at San Sebastian Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival.
He composes music for most of his films.